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Choir Constitution


Choir Constitution, Formation Document, Rules and Regulations.


1. Name
The choir shall be known as The Skipton Choir. The choir will normally be an SATB choir.

2. Rehearsal
The choir shall normally rehearse once a week on a Monday evening from 7.30-9.30.

The choir shall meet at The Drama Studio, Skipton Girl’s High School, Gargrave Rd in Skipton, during term time. There will normally be three 12 week terms excluding half terms and holidays), In the event of this venue being unavailable then arrangements will be made to relocate or alter timings.

If a change has to be made then the Secretary or a nominated person will contact all members by email to provide an update.

3. Equality

The Choir shall be committed to equality in all its functioning, both internal and external. It will actively seek to act and campaign against discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, age, race, nationality, ethnic heritage or cultural origin, disability, religion or belief or any other aspect of identity which can lead to discrimination.

4. Aims and Objectives
The choir has been established to meet the following objectives:
- To learn and perform music to enjoy and share with others.
 To perform publicly for the purposes of entertainment
- To perform at community events and functions
- To promote choral singing to the general public through concerts, and other events.

5. Membership
Membership is open to anyone sharing the values of the Choir and members will be encouraged to attend a majority of rehearsals. Members are asked to be proactive in encouraging others to join us and in promoting the objectives and aims of the Choir. The Choir will be open to all adults aged 18+.


6.  Membership Fees

  Fees will be initially set termly by the committee, and are to be reviewed annually by the committee prior to the AGM.

Invoices for fees will be sent out two weeks before the beginning of each term, or half-term, by the Membership Secretary. All money is to be paid into the Choir account before the beginning of each term , or half-term as appropriate, by Electronic Transfer. Members are asked to pay promptly without the need for reminders. Anyone who has not paid their fees in full by the start of term, or half-term as appropriate, will be considered to be “inactive” and will no longer have access to rehearsals and recordings, or receive copies of new music, newsletters and information. Inactive members can become active members again at any point following payment of their fees in full for the current term, or half-term, as appropriate.


7. Attendance
Members are asked to attend at both rehearsals and public performances during the year as often as they can.  If you are unable to attend a rehearsal and/or performance then members are asked to let the Secretary know in advance. Members are required to sign in each week.

8. Choir management
The choir shall be the responsibility of the organising committee. The committee will ensure the choir is managed in a democratic way, and all committee members shall take collective responsibility for the decisions made at a meeting of the committee.


The committee shall regularly consist of:

  • Chair (Honorary Officer)

  • Vice Chair Honorary Officer)

  • Secretary (Honorary Officer)

  • Treasurer (Honorary Officer)

  • Membership Secretary

  • Librarian

  • Publicity Officer

  • Up to seven other committee members.

Members can be co-opted into other roles as deemed necessary. The committee can also co-opt sub committees from time to time to take on specific tasks such as the organising of fundraising ventures, and a Social/Events committee.

The Choir has membership of Making Music, the UK’s membership organisation for leisure-time music, and Committee members are encouraged to register with the Making Music website and to be linked to the Choir account in order to be able to access the resources provided by Making Music for the benefit of member organisations.


9. Terms of office
In order to maintain a sense of continuity, all officers and committee members  shall serve for a period of one year in the first instance but be eligible for re-election at the AGM in subsequent years.

10. Areas of Responsibility

Musical Director

The Musical Director (or MD) shall have responsibility for the musical direction of the choir. The MD shall be appointed for their values, professionalism in music and choral production, and performance. The MD shall oversee all choir tuition, stage presentation and concert management, as well as other choral activities. The MD will be paid for this tuition, and the fee will be set in agreement with the choir committee, and will reflect the rate set by the Musicians Union. The MD will also encourage members of the choir to contribute expertise and songs and assist the musical development of choir members. The MD shall consult with the honorary officers of the committee and liaise with them in decision making.

Chair and Vice Chair

 The role of the Chairs is an honorary position appointed from the membership of the choir. The Chairs must be of good standing and promote the interests of the choir. They shall, jointly, be the official ‘spokespersons’ of the choir in consultation with the MD. The Chairs, (or one of them) will preside at meetings of the committee and sub committees (where possible) and direct members through the agenda and maintain good order in all choir proceedings. They will oversee the democratic decision-making of the choir. The Chairs will also encourage the active participation of everyone in fundraising and social activities of the choir.


The Secretary is an honorary position to be appointed from the membership of the choir. The duty of the Secretary is to be a point of contact for the public and also to take and record minutes of all choir meetings. The Secretary will notify committee members of meetings and also provide them with notice of agenda. The Secretary will notify choir members of rehearsals and singing events. The Secretary will also write communications on behalf of the choir.

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary will be responsible for enrolling new members, sending out invoices to members, collecting fees, and providing and checking weekly registers. Also to liaise with the treasurer re revenue from said fees. He/she will maintain a list of membership, which will be securely kept, and will construct and provide membership forms for members to fill in on joining, which will also be securely kept, along with a data base of members’ email addresses.


The Treasurer is an honorary position, appointed from the membership of the choir.  It is the responsibility of the treasurer to keep the accounts up to date and in good order; to pay invoices promptly (including the fee paid to the MD) and to form a good professional relationship with possible sponsors. The Treasurer must keep the committee informed of the financial position of the organisation.



Will collate, print, store and label sheet music where necessary, and distribute to choir members.

PR and Publicity Officer

Will promote and be responsible for raising the profile of the choir, through such means as editorial in local newspapers and other forms of Media. Will also keep the general public informed by publicising various events such as performances, concerts and fundraising events that take place during the choir year.


11. Role of the Committee
The committee has the responsibility to ensure the organisation meets its aims and objectives and that members observe the constitution. The committee will also receive the accounts of the choir and decide on fundraising actions and policy. The committee will ensure that activities are carried out and decisions are made in a democratic way and in the best interests of the choir. If necessary, the committee can organise sub-committees to take on specific tasks such as finance or fundraising, and a social /events committee or the organising of a specific event. No member of the committee shall exercise their right to power for the adverse affect of the choir.


12. Meetings of the Committee
The Committee shall ordinarily meet to discuss Choir business and finance every six to eight weeks. However, the Committee can meet as often as required and a meeting can be called at any time by the Secretary, Chair or the Musical Director. The quorum for Committee meetings is five Committee members.

13. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The AGM shall normally be held in January of each year. The purpose of the AGM shall be to:

- Elect a new honorary officers (or to re-elect)
- To receive the report from the Musical Director
- To receive the statement of accounts from the Treasurer
- To receive the report from the choir chairperson(s)
- To decide the amount of  membership subscription 

Matters can be debated at the AGM after prior notice has been given in writing to the  Secretary at least seven days prior to the meeting.  The quorum for an AGM is 20 active members.

14. Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM)
An EGM can be called at any time provided the request has been made in writing- proposed and seconded. At least seven days’ notice has to be given for any motion to be raised at an EGM.  The quorum for an EGM is 20 active members.


15. Member code of conduct and attire

 Each member of the choir shall conduct themselves in keeping with the expected standards as stated by the Committee and as laid down in the choir constitution, rules and regulations. Members shall attire in accordance with the dress policy of the choir for choir performances.

Members are asked not to be under the influence of drink or drugs at a rehearsal or public performance. Any member thought to be so may not be permitted to participate.

When engaged in choir business no member shall take it upon themselves to make any official complaint to the hiring organisation. If a member has a concern or grievance with the booking agent or venue then the member will bring the issue to the attention of the Choir Secretary who will bring the matter before the committee for consideration.

16. Public performances
All members of the choir should engage in a ‘sense of occasion’ and conduct themselves in a manner fitting to the occasion at all times.

17. Medication issues
Members required taking regular preventative medication (e.g. for epilepsy or diabetes) MUST inform the Secretary and also must ensure that this medication is up to date and taken as necessary prior to performance. Anyone on medication is expected to take sufficient care of their own welfare.

18. Health and safety
Members have a duty of care under health and safety law for themselves and others affected by their action. Members will always be notified of H&S issues at a performance venue. The choir cannot take responsibility for any injury, however caused. If a member has a health and safety issue with a venue then they must speak with the Choir Secretary. Health and safety matters will be dealt with by a member of the choir committee, and should not be dealt with individually by a member of the choir.

19. Public engagement and fees

Requests for performances should be directed to the Choir Secretary who shall seek authorisation from the committee and Musical Director.

The choir may perform public concerts in order to fund raise for agreed causes, organisations or for choir funding. The choir will attempt to support sister organisations.  Fees and donations should be paid to the choir treasurer by the organising body.

20. Issue and use of choir music
Members will be issued music free of charge as much as possible, paid for from members subscriptions.

21. Social activity
The social aspect of the choir is to be encouraged wherever possible. The choir as an organisation is to nurture a friendly atmosphere and social meetings are to be encouraged. In addition, choir trips can be organised. Members will be asked to pay towards the cost of such trips.

22. Massed choral participation
From time to time the choir may be asked to participate in combined concerts or massed choral events. Participation at such an event is subject to the consent of the Musical Director and the Committee, and this decision will be taken in light of our diary and financial position.

23. Fundraising
The committee or social committee may arrange a number of fundraising events during the year and members of the choir are expected to support as many of these events as possible.

24. Winding up the organisation
In the unlikely event of winding up the organisation any revenue after debtors will be distributed to our Charities of choice. None of the revenue made by the choir will be shared by the members. The Skipton choir is a non profit making organisation, and any profits made after choir costs, will go to a designated charity.

None of the income generated by the choir will be shared by the members. The Skipton Choir is a non-profit making organisation, and any profits made after choir costs, will go to a designated charity.


The Skipton Choir

March 2021


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